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Capital City Yacth Sales is the exclusive West Coast distributor of Diesel Ducks. These boats are beautiful in their own character, and some have made some impressive cruises.


  • LOA: 41′
  • LWL: 40.3′
  • Beam: 13′ 9″
  • Displacement: 58,600 (dry)
  • Draft: 4′ 10″


  • IVECO NEF 100 85HP
  • Cruising Speed: 7 kts
  • Max Speed 8.5 kts


  • Fuel: 1200 gals
  • Water: 180 gals


  • High quality ship steel shot peened or sand blasted inside and out.
  • Three coats of epoxy primer interior and exterior.
  • Four coats on the bottom, plus bottom paint and color top coat.
  • Color scheme to owner’s choice.
  • Construction to China ship Classification Society (CCS) practice.
  • CCS certified weld X-ray of all boats. CCS incline test.
  • All doors, hatches, ports and windows to be aluminum heavy duty commercial ship quality.
  • Windscreens to be 10MM toughened glass plate.
  • All plywood to be WBP grade or higher.

Engine Detail

  • Standard engine IVECO NEF 100, 84HP, 4 cylinder continuous duty TIER II marine diesel with marine transmission.
  • Complete engine instrumentation including high temperature, low oil pressure alarms.
  • Other engines available if desired.
  • Stainless shafts to be 304 stainless or higher.
  • Prop aperture and engine mounting designed to minimize vibration and noise.
  • PSS Dripless shaft seal.
  • Sea water strainers and ball valve sea-cocks on all inlets.
  • Primary and secondary fuel filter.
  • Drip pan under engine.
  • Wet exhaust system with custom designed water lift muffler.
  • Two quiet, large capacity engine room blowers with noise isolated vents.
  • Steel fuel tanks, 1200 gallons plus, well baffled and braced.
  • Stainless steel ball valves at each end of fuel lines.
  • Fuel tankage built to Buehler’s designed specs and well vented with single large deck fill.
  • Hull insulation, sprayed expanding foam.
  • Sound insulation, two foam layers with lead center, surrounding engine room.
  • Balanced rudder.

Electrical Systems

  • Optional genset.
  • Separate heavy duty engine and 220AH 24 volt AGM house batteries connected by vapor proof master switches.
  • Back lighted custom made circuit breaker panel using high quality breakers.
  • Shore power master breaker is GFI (RCI) type for safety.
  • AC receptacles through out.
  • Indirect lighting and red safety lighting at steps.
  • Visual and audio warnings for all system mal-function including high water, engine water flow, ER overheat, any pump running, E R lights left on, etc.
  • 12 volt lighting; quality lighting fixtures.
  • All Seahorse Marine installed wiring is multi-strand tinned copper boat cable. Wires have color or marker codes for easy tracing.
  • Wire runs in conduit and all runs, except the bilge pump, are located as far above the waterline as possible.
  • All wire runs including those along the shear are easily accessible.
  • AC Toroidal Isolation transformer, 120/240 volt input.
  • Lightning protection system.
  • AC shore connector fitted starboard side. DC socket installed in pilothouse.
  • Multiple zincs on hull, standard size bolted, not welded.
  • International navigation lights and anchor light installed.
  • Red interior night safety lighting and remote control spot light installed (Pilothouse overhead lights have red night vision lighting as well as standard white bulbs).
  • Optional electronic and entertainment equipment can be planned in advance with owner so necessary wiring, grounds and cabinets can be built in.
  • Signal horn and windscreen wipers.

Water Systems

  • Water tanks P&S design installed with ball-cock shut off valves and vents designed to prevent salt water contamination.
  • Fresh water system uses neoprene coated metallic tubing, not plastic.
  • Stainless ball type sea-cocks on all thruhulls below the waterline.
  • Double all stainless clamps on all hoses below the waterline.
  • Hot water heater with electric and engine heat exchanger for domestic water supply.
  • High quality bath and galley fixtures. Electric toilets plumbed to holding tank.


  • Head includes trouble free non-jamming electric toilet, separate shower, basin and storage.
  • Head has power ventilation on timer switch.
  • Towel rails is to handrail strength.
  • Mirror fitted.
  • Toilet flooring to be tile.

Hull Ports and Ventilation

  • Built to Buehler’s design and all to be aluminum frame opening hull ports with storm covers and windows, commercial ship quality.
  • Deck hatch(s) aluminum commercial ship quality, stainless handles.
  • Four commercial aluminum seadoors on interior bulkheads (5 watertight compartments total).
  • Pilothouse entry sliding or dogged door.


  • Steel pulpits, hand rails and boarding gate(s) built to Buehler’s specs.
  • Stainless steel heavy bollards and chocks for lines, not painted steel.
  • Heavy dual anchor rollers at bow, 70 pound plow and 40 pound Danforth type provided.
  • 24 volt Muir “Jaguar” electric windlass.
  • 300′ chain rode plus 300′ 3/4″ nylon with chain section, standard

Interior Decoration

  • Interior to be of teak veneer with solid teak trim, doors and drawer fronts.
  • Interior teak and holly flooring optional.
  • Hanging lockers and cabinets with louvered doors.
  • Mattress to be 5″ thick, 4″ for seats.
  • Drawers/storage under bed.
  • Reading lights and/or night lights aboard wherever applicable.
  • Overhead lights LED type white or red lighting.
  • Hand rails fitted in proper locations.

Steering Station

  • Raised helm seating with chart table.
  • Ventilation hatch over helm position.
  • Raised pilothouse dinette with well supported table.
  • Radar, antenna and steadying sail mast on top of pilothouse, Buehler’s design.
  • Engine and gear controls in pilothouse.
  • Marine circuit breakers for all boat operations and for planned electronics installation, back lighted panel.
  • Teak and stainless wheel at helm, heavy duty hydraulic steering.
  • Pantograph windshield wipers on pilothouse window with fresh water wash.
  • Tinted side windows available on side windows on request.
  • Windshields are heavy safety glass.

Diesel Duck 382

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dd382mainSeahorse Marine, China

Base Price: $560,000

The steel hull Diesel Duck 382 offers power cruising with sail assist – at a price you can live with.

Designed to be an efficient ocean cruising vessel, the steel hull Diesel Duck 382 delivers as promised.

The Diesel Duck 382 is a variation of the Diesel Duck 462. With a length overall of 41′, she may be a little smaller than her 49′ sister, but this durable lady delivers “big” when it comes to features, and is surprisingly inexpensive for a boat in this class.

Consider her innovative interior features, well-planned engineering, remarkable stability, the reassure of safety. And above all, the comfort — ideal for a couple cruising the ocean, or passageways for more than just a few days.

Some refer to the 382 as a “pocket passagemaker.” For her size, it’s amazing how the Buehler design incorporates creative attention into maximizing the spaciousness in the living space. Not to mention that her standard features package surpasses the upgrades of many others.

With the optional sail-assist, your DD-382 motorsailer can navigate away into the blue seas, leaving you with the assurance of using the wind to boost your way whenever you choose. And doesn’t it make sense to save on fuel these days?

Own a boat that is being discovered and recognized worldwide for seaworthiness, value and safety — the newest of the Seahorse semi-custom production DUCKS.

Budget priced by today’s standards, and wrapped up in a creative package that makes the Diesel Duck 382 a fine-looking Duck to behold. In just about every category.