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dieselducksInspired by the Pacific Northwest salmon trollers, the Diesel Duck concept became a reality in the mid-1990s, with a custom order by a couple who got tired of the crammed live-abord sailboat concept. They hired renowned yacht designer George Buehler to build a new, rugged cruiser that would serve them wonderfully at sea, and comfortably while at dockside.

Trollers, not Trawlers
George first looked at the the fishing trawlers, the net-hauling bulldozers of the sea, discounting their bulkiness in favor of another salmon fishing boat, the troller. Trollers, on the otherhand, have more efficient hulls and use fuel more efficiency. That’s because they need to cover more water looking for fish without nets, using instead, hooks and lines trailing aft (troller fishermen supply most of the salmon to restaurant and supermarket distributors, because their fish are not scarred by net marks). As a side note, the Diesel Duck experiences a misnomer of sorts even today, as they are placed in the “Trawler” class.

Capturing the Character of the Pacific Northwest
Trollers meet the same criteria as a cruising boat. The vessile must be safe, comfortable for at least two people, and be able to cruise long distances over choppy not-so-friendly waters at times. So George just designed a sort of overweight steel hull troller, a diesel yacht under 40-feet with livable space and a pilothouse that captured the the pilothouse character of NW salmon boats. The Diesel Duck, was finally born. It’s an image of Northwest ruggedness, spirit and efficiency, all rolled into one beautiful boat.

The China Connection
The boats are now mostly built by Seahorse Marine in China. The economic advantage is obvious: incredible savings, with excellent workmanship. For the yacht owner, it’s like a new sighting. The Diesel Duck is a unique boat with a sound reputation for seaworthyness, creative use of space, and safety — for about half the cost.

Exclusive Following, an Even More Exclusive Dealership
A new following of exceedingly loyal boat owners have enthusiastically adopted the Diesel Duck as their latest love on the water. With the Diesel Duck’s growing reputation and expanding market, one of America’s most respected yacht dealers is now the exclusive outlet for these yachts on the West Coast — Capital City Yachts in Olympia, WA.

Available Diesel Ducks:

Diesel Duck 382Diesel Duck 382
Designed to be an efficient ocean cruising vessel, and a variation of its larger siblings, the steel hull Diesel Duck 382 delivers as promised. More...

Diesel Duck 462Diesel Duck 462
The 462 emphasizes safety, stability and comfort, while offering exceptional living space for a mid-sized ocean passagemaker. More...

Diesel Duck SedanDiesel Duck Sedan
A variation on the 462, the Sedan has a larger cabin, more options, and an even greater capacity for comfortable living and entertainment. More...

Oceaneer 55Oceaneer 55
Go where you want with confidence in this wonderfully designed, logically laid-out, refined and stable 55 ft troller. More...